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Mo Ning Sun Juxi| Workwear furniture - Karak series

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Mo Ning Sun Juxi| Workwear furniture - Karak series

2024-04-08 15:18:58
At the beginning of the design, the relationship between space and environment was considered.

Create a commercial space with affinity and ritual. As the most important part of space, furniture must not only meet functionality, but also bring unique visual effects to the space.

It was embodies the designer's thoughtful consideration of practicality, sturdiness and aesthetics when we create Karak series..
This series includes dining chairs, dining tables, sofas, leisure chairs, etc., designed to meet people's use in different occasions and needs.
dining chair
lounge chair

In terms of appearance design, the karak series is made of a mortise and tenon structure of solid wood frames, with simple and neat lines, giving people a refreshing feeling. Paired with a chrome metal round steel frame, it fully demonstrates the modernity and industrial style of tool furniture.
The main difference between commercial furniture and home furniture is that commercial furniture needs to meet the characteristics of high frequency, more durability, and easier cleaning.
The Karak series uses the Mozart series of cotton and linen fabrics from the imported brand Gabriel, which are thick and durable. The sponge inside supports the toughness and straightness of the cotton and linen fabrics, making people feel full of softness and comfort when sitting on them.

The designer skillfully uses the counterbalance of forces to achieve an organic combination of rigidity and elasticity, making the details of the furniture more vivid and the overall design more beautiful.
The Karak series integrates three elements perfectly : metal, solid wood, and upholstered to form the exclusive mark of the MORNINGSUN.  
While following practical principles, it also interprets the profound industrial and handicraft spirit behind the products.   
This spirit is reflected in the excellence of every detail and the strict control of craftsmanship, as well as the sincere care for every user.