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2024-01-22 15:18:58

The day of Novembe is full of fallen leaves and wind.

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As autumn turns to winter, the falling leaves tell the story of the seasonal changes in nature. The clear or mottled veins of each leaf depict the beauty of nature.

This is the design inspiration for the STABILO dining chair. The designer started from the traces of life in nature and took the shape of a leaf as inspiration.

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The backrest is made of fresh and environmentally friendly rattan material. The solid wood frame resembles the rhizome veins of leaves. The slightly concave spine is combined with hand-woven rattan to support the entire backrest.

Paired with smooth metal chair legs and plump soft cushions, as well as ergonomic angles and proportions, it brings just the right amount of safety and comfort to our backs.

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Metal, solid wood, woven rattan, leather, and Organic combination of multiple materials add rich layering to the STABILO dining chair.

It is the best companion for enjoying leisure and bathing in the sun nomatter it was in an indoor restaurant, ready room, or outdoor balcony.

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The gentleness and light transmittance of the rattan material, combined with the industrial-style chrome-plated metal chair legs, collide the gentleness and elegance of solid wood with the cold beauty of metal.

The designer skillfully combines rattan materials with modern design, trying to use old objects to express new design thinking.

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Every detail of the STABILO dining chair depicts the life attitude of modern urban beauties pursuing nature, practicality and refinement.