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MORNINGSUN | Embracing Series: Smooth and harmonious, embracing each other in a circle

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MORNINGSUN | Embracing Series: Smooth and harmonious, embracing each other in a circle

2024-04-08 15:18:58

Inspired by hugs, they are harmonious and embrace each other.

When a thousand words can't express what you want, it's better to open your arms, get closer and enjoy the silent warmth of each other's embrace.


The Hug series includes round tables, dining chairs, and bar chairs.
The harmonious philosophy full of oriental charm has been embodied, making this series not only take into account pragmatic functions, but also integrate social culture and modern aesthetics, making it a classic worth constantly recalling.

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The curves are smooth and the frame is light, showing simplicity in every square inch.Bring a quiet and soothing atmosphere into the space, giving your home a heart-warming temperature.
The desktop is made of fireproof board, and the edges are sealed with solid wood veneer. The fireproof board material selected is waterproof, stain-proof, moisture-proof, and flame-retardant and heat-resistant. It is one of the preferred desktop materials for indoor furniture.
The fireproof board material of the desktop is also available in a variety of colors.... Low-key gray, versatile black and white, everything can be customized according to user needs.
Within the simple frame is an extraordinary design structure. The round table as a whole can convey the beauty of proportion and symmetry whether from the front or the side. The harmonious and tolerant characteristics of the "ring" are displayed.
The metal frame uses solid wood as the connection point. The fusion of wood and steel and the charming texture collision are the beauty of the interweaving of fashion and nature, which facilitates the expansion of more diverse space combinations. 
There is not a single screw visible from the visible surface. The craftsman is skilled in the details and has the designer’s deep thinking on the design and elements of the product.
The fully disassembled design and flat packaging method allow you to achieve ultra-small packaging volume, making it a highly cost-effective series.
There are also our dining bar chairs that are comfortable to sit on.
Hug dining chairs
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Hug Barstool
As the name suggests, the semi-armrest design of the metal frame is like open arms, making you feel the power of a hug every time when you sit down, making you feel solid and relaxed as well.
The multi-material combination of metal and upholstered carries the unique design features of the MORUNINGSUN brand, combining strength and softness. The wide seat surface and backrest, the overall proportions that have been carefully considered, are in line with ergonomic design, creating a square, powerful, elegant and smooth shape.
While busy pursuing the treasures of life, the MORUNINGSUN design team wish to use ingenious design to create a comfortable world, press the indispensable pause button for life, and provide a warm harbor for rest.