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2024-01-22 14:59:10

Paramour comes from two French words: Par & Amour, which means - because of love.

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Because of love, objects can be infused with soul; because of love, good and lasting designs can be achieved.

With such an expectation about "love", Paramour dining chair was born.
This story needs to be told from the 1940s: people began to realize the dangers of sitting at their desks for long time, and the concept of "ergonomics" emerged in the home design industry.

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"Chair Master" Hans J. Wegner, as well as Arne Jacobsen and Charles Eames, three influential furniture designers, keenly captured the changes in public demand and created many high-quality, durable, and aesthetically valuable classics products, which flourish the concept of "ergonomics" .

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Hans J. Wegner

Arne Jacobsen

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Paramour (3)epy

Charles Eames

MORNINGSUN follows the "people-oriented" design sentiments of the masters, focuses on clean lines and simple outlines, and starts from real life to create this Paramour dining chair based on ergonomic concepts. 
Express respect and gratitude to them, and salute them for bringing warm humanistic care to a cold world.

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The Paramour dining chair has wood as its main element. The warm solid wood, natural color and delicate texture, have the charm of moistening things silently, bringing people a steady and steady companionship.

The colors of the solid wood legs and the plywood veneer echo each other, are coordinated and have excellent space adaptability.

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The connection between the two pieces of solid wood on the backrest, which intersects vertically and horizontally in an orderly manner, enriches the visual layering of the product and adds a different kind of interest to the streamlined shape.

The splint backrest that extends left and right is curved to a certain degree and closely follows the curve of the spine, providing balanced support for the body and bringing comfort and ease when sitting.The addition of soft cushions breaks the single material structure and highlights high-end and texture.

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Paramour (10)0c9

The combination of metal, software, solid wood, and plywood gives Paramour dining chairs unique visual characteristics. The designer strives to ensure that Paramour dining chairs are optimized many times to achieve their highest purpose through careful production and following design logic and processes.

Paying tribute to classics lies in inheritance and continuation. Just like the Paramour dining chair: a piece of exquisite taste that reflects the love and care embedded in its design.