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MORNINGSUN E-collection

Product News


2024-06-01 17:56:53

A workspace is more than just a desk and a chair, it’s where creativity and productivity take place. 


Create an office space that suits your preferences and inspire your innovation. E-collection desks will give you the answer!

The E-collection is a tribute to the unknown but talented European designers of the 1940s and 1950s. Let niche and unique designs bloom a new look under the wave of the new era.


This E-collection desk is composed of random compass leg shapes and a warm walnut veneer top, giving home experiencers an elegant visual sense.

It not only has a sense of light luxury, but also is low-key and calm without losing warmth and comfort.


The metal frame is sturdy and durable, and the old color scheme neutralizes the tough industrial style of the metal, creating a full retro feel. Being in such a cozy warm-toned space, your heart will gradually calm down.

The desk surface without storage version is open and atmospheric, adapting to the simple style; with storage version, it adds private storage function. Whether you are studying or working, you can feel the delicate care from quality.

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At the same time, the E-chair is also a masterpiece carefully crafted by the MORNINGSUN designer team.

Echoing the desk, its compass-shaped metal chair frame is firmly supported, and the chair body combined with plywood and soft-packed backrest is ergonomically designed to ensure that you can maintain the best sitting posture and enjoy a super close fit during long-term use. Good sitting feeling.


When not used as a desk chair, the E-chair can also be used as a dining chair, a table with 4 chairs or a table with 6 chairs. The simple and unique design and stable structure make the E-chair highly adaptable. can meet the needs of different spaces.


The ingenious design returns to the essence. I hope that the objects that make you happy will become your unique scenery and collection.