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MORNINGSUN | Tianyuan Chair - Love for Natural Logs

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MORNINGSUN | Tianyuan Chair - Love for Natural Logs

2024-01-22 15:18:58

The times bring the new, design inherits the past and forges ahead with the future.
Classics have the indelible temperament of trends, while fashion is a picture of various styles in different eras.

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Center Dinning Chair is a fusion of classic and modern, interpreting the designer's in-depth thinking on different styles.

The designer hopes to inherit the design concept of eliminating complexity and simplifying classic products, using the simplest arc to outline the function of the seat, and reshaping the classic with modern techniques. The entire Center Dinning Chair series has the common feature of arc shape.

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Tianyuan dining chair                                                                                                 Tianyuan leisure chair

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In order to better suit the Eastern people's preference for warm wooden furniture, the designer used natural wood to instead of the metal chair frame. While maintaining the simple Western design, the overall structure of the chair made bold and creative use of natural materials. Solid wood materials and Chinese-style feelings give wooden furniture a new lease of life.

The curved backrest not only provides the most basic support function of the seat, but the thick shaping sponge wrapped in this frame provides a comfortable feeling when leaning on it. The elegant and beautiful backrest curve is just right after precise measurement, delivering a secure and solid feeling of close contact with the back.

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The simple and beautiful streamline trend, the comfortable and considerate back curvature, practicality and fashion, solidity and softness, the functionality and flexibility of the design are realized here, creating a piece of designer furniture that is both clean and quite exquisite.

MORUNINGSUN adheres to the brand's adherence to high quality and details. The high-grade microfiber leather has a soft and skin-friendly texture, and the tenon structure used in the connection ensures stability and durability while reinterpreting unique oriental craftsmanship, which help to continue the profound traditional feelings.

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The combination of red oak and luxurious leather creates an architectural high-end aesthetic. Which make it to adapt to diverse modern spaces while maintaining a calm and restrained style.

When the sun shines into the house,you can sit down and have your meal, it is a considerate dining chair; when you read a book with the fragrance of tea, it is a comfortable and reliable reading companion; when you talk to someone face to face, it is the atmosphere Calm chair good for negotiation.

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At the same time, the Center Dinning Chair supports customization. The upholstery material can be changed according to the situation, and the solid wood is available in red oak, smoked and other colors.

MORNINGSUN customization team will provide you with a large number of design solutions.

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Recalling Chinese feelings and advocating Western simplicity; paying homage to classics and traditional craftsmanship without losing any sense of exquisite and fashionable modernity, the Center Dinning Chair has become a household item that transcends time and space, and is an ingenious work worth savoring.