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2024-06-01 17:56:53

Three tubes to make a chair with four legs was the original idea of the design concept of this chair.


After trying to deconstruct the chair with various geometric shapes, the designer made full use of the bending technique to design a chair with front legs, rear legs and backrest each of them was made by a complete tube.

“Use as less as possible to demonstrate the ultimate sophistication of design and satisfy people’s emotional preference for the product .”


The design concept of this dining chair are the same as MORNINGSUN’s  "Less is More".

The Black walnut veneer is paired with metal frame to achieve a multi-faceted balance of rigidity and softness.


The design of the curved backrest and seat has just the right proportions to allow for unlimited sitting postures and body shapes, taking into account both comfort and support functions.

The combination of plywood veneer and metal illustrates the MORNINGSUN brand's precise grasp of different materials. The details are coherent, the body is slim but strong enough, and the exquisite craftsmanship is clearly visible here.


Multiple classic colors can match the needs of different space.

The matte black frame with fresh oak color looks elegant and Versatile; Suitable for a Nordic style space.


The Bronze frame with calm and restrained black walnut color.Suitable for a Mid-century or industrial style with a tough atmosphere.

As a "stand chair" next to the desk, it can provide an ergonomically designed and comfortable place to lean on;


As an "intimate partner" during daily dining, the slightly upward curve of the front side of the chair seat can better support the weight of the body, allowing people to relieve the fatigue of life while sitting.

This unique chair has a smart and simple design, a comfortable seating, and a variety of color options. It is an not a bad choice whether it is used in home life or commercial space.