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MORNINGSUN | Armor Dining Chair: The Fusion of Middle and Modern Times

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MORNINGSUN | Armor Dining Chair: The Fusion of Middle and Modern Times


"There are twenty-five thousand days in a life, and fifty thousand stories are recorded on the dining table."


The dining chairs are the warmest support for the protagonists of these stories.

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The Armor dining chair was born just to let you have this wonderful moment.

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MORNINGSUN started with metal furniture, Iron is one of the most commonly used materials.

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The designer integrates industrial materials into the furniture design, using the smoothness of metal to create a natural curvature structure of the metal armrests;

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The distinctive hollow design increases the visual layering. The light and shadow jump across it, and the dots of light scattered on the cushions are the organic interaction between the design and the space environment. The combination of movement and stillness is so interesting.

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The modern-style metal leg makes the entire frame look stable and thick, and the unique tapered legs of the chair increase the beauty of the shape. Paired with the distressed bronze texture, the Armor dining chair not only looks tough, but also exudes an industrial warmth.

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The upholstery seat is made of thick, soft fabric with excellent resilience and support, making sitting for long periods of time no longer a burden. With the modern retro matte sapphire blue leather finish, it is full of medieval style atmosphere.

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The designer combines modern and medieval styles by the clever use of metal materials. The simple and thick frame and excellent seat comfort are enough to allow the Armor dining chair to break the limitations of space, adapt to more application scenarios, and can be used as a dining chair, guest chairs, coffee chairs etc...

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Beauty, comfort, and durability are all integrated into the Armor dining chair. You can always trust MORNINGSUN's seriousness and persistence for furniture.