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MorningSun | Sing for the Dawn


Sing for the Dawn

Early morning of July 2007

When the dawn fell on the face of the founder, Mr. Cao Yibo, it also branded morningsun with a profound brand mark.

------ Morningsun was officially founded

September 2020

Morningsun brand debuts in Shanghai International Furniture Fair

Sing for the Dawn

Sing for the Dawn

Sing for the Dawn

Sing for the Dawn

The 26th China International Furniture Expo | MorningSun Show Room

-in 13 years-

Morningsun has been accumulating energy before dawn,

Day after day, we repeat the accumulation of team building, factory construction, production management, product development and quality control,

Prepare for the moment of dawn.

Sing for the Dawn

Manufacturing Base

“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark”------Tagore

One of the deep marks of that morning in 2007 was "time"

Time stands for old as new

Since 2007, we have always adhered to our inner faith

Time leaves memories in our minds, but not traces

Time leaves traces on our furniture and evokes memories

Emotion comes from this

As a result, the temperature rises

Morningsun was born for this

Time integrates into memory

Memory arouses emotion

Morningsun injects time into products

Sing for the Dawn

Time is here and now

Different times and cultures have different needs and belongings

Morningsun's design meets the needs of the moment

Sing for the Dawn

It has a long history

Time left traces

Products carry the meaning of time

Morningsun's quality assurance future

Sing for the Dawn

Time flows

Morningsun wants to tell a story about time

Morningsun has just risen

I hope to witness the growth of morningsun